FAQ- Courses

What Online Wig Courses Are Available To Buy ?

Miss Mama Wigs offers 4 online wig courses, a £349 lace wigmaking course ( full kit included), a £249 wig coloring course, a £49 sales and marketing course for aspiring wig businesses and a £9.99 course which gives a full insight into the world of wigs. The courses are held online via the My Teachable platform. All courses are self paced, therefore, you just simply buy the courses and study in your own time.

Do I need to know how to cut / colour hair or sew to do courses ?

Nope 🙂 All experience is welcomed. Our online lace wig making courses require no experience to participate. For the online course you will need a sewing machine and to take this course please follow the link to the teachable platform on the courses page. You pay for the course via the teachable platform. The in person classes are taught from the Bristol Studio and a sewing machine is provided for you.

How are the courses taught?

Online courses are self paced and you can access as and when you like. In person courses are taught in person and on a one to one basis. 

Do I need to buy specialist equipment for the lessons?

The Online Wigmaking Course With Kit Included is £349 and we ship worldwide for free. The 121 courses in Bristol also include all kits and you are not required to buy anything.

What qualifications/ skills do I gain from taking a class or course?

Our courses are non qualification based. Wigmaking is a brilliant career to get into and ant one can succeed. You do not need any qualification to do well or sell wigs. You just need to have the passion and skill to make a good wig and build a client base.

Who Are The Wig Courses Designed For?

Anyone can take the online wig courses we have designed. The types of individuals who take the wig courses, range from, wig wearers, hair extensionists, hair stylists and many more. The lace wig courses are designed to encourage learning and improvement in ones knowledge about the wonderful world of wigs !

Does The Online Lace Wigmaking Course Teach Machine Sewn Wigs Or Hand Sewn?

Predominantly, it is machine stitch, however, we do have videos on handstitching and many people have taken the course and completed it using the handstitch methods.

Does the £349 lace wigmaking course cover full lace wigs ?

The £349 online lace wigmaking course teaches one method of wigmaking: the lace frontal wig. We have deliberately focused on a wigmaking course that teaches lace frontals because these are the most requested wigs available on the market. Full lace wigs requires you to know how to ventilate and although this is a good skill to posess, even pro’s with years of experience take weeks to make these kind of wigs. Personally, we feel that you will not get a good return of investment if you sell full lave wigs made by yourself, so we do not offer that method of lace wigmaking in our online wig courses.

Once I Have Completed A Course, Am I Able To Revisit The Learnings ?

Yes. All wig courses held online via the My Teachable Platform have a lifetime access.

How Can I Pay For The Different Choice Of Online Wig Courses Available ?

All courses need to be paid for via the My Teachable Platform ( https://miss-mama-wigs.teachable.com/)We unfortunately cannot offer discount or payment plans because the courses are already a great price and especially compared to other wig course providers.

What Makes Miss Mama Online Wigmaking Courses Better Than Other Providers?

Our online wigmaking courses are simple and easy to follow with clear, thorough video content. Our course prices are deliberately affordable and undercut many other providers because we believe people should be able to access education without having to pay out loads of money.

Do You Do Courses In Full Lace Wigmaking?

As much as ventilating ( handtieing a wig) is an amazing skill, we don’t think it’s worth making into another online lace wigmaking course. It takes the most skilled people, with years of experience, weeks to make a full lace wig. Therefore, a beginner will struggle. Also, a client is not likely to pay the cost of your time. Clients only care about three things, whether the wig looks good, the hair is good wuality and the fit is good.

How Long Do The Courses Take To Complete?

Our easy online lace wigmaking courses in lace wigmaking and human hair wig colouring will take someone about 1-2 days to watch through the content. Of course, an individual needs to actually put the learnings into practice and there is no time frame on this really.

Is There Set Times To Log Into The Course?

Our online wigmaking courses are self paced. therefore, you can login and learn on your own terms.

Do You Teach Online Wig Courses Focusing On Toppers?

Our online wigmaking courses focus on lace wigmaking and colouring human hair wigs. Toppers is something we may look into designing an online course for in the future.

How Can I Promote My Wigmaking Skills Learnt In The Course ?

The online wig course is designed for people wanting to make wigs for themselves or sell to a small client base. We suggest using social media as a good way of promoting yourself and services, as it reaches al ot of people and of course, its free!

Can I Get A Job As A Wigmaker After Completing the Online Wigmaking Courses?

This would depend on the qualifications a specific employer is looking for. However, you could most definitely start your own business and become self employed! 

Is There Any Help Available After Taking The Courses?

Whether you have taken the online lace wigmaking course or the online wig coloring course, we are always available to help afterwards. Please email or reach out to us IG and we will help.

Can I Access The Online Course Learnings After Completing Courses ?

Whether you have taken the online lace wigmaking course or the online wig coloring course, we have granted you a lifetime access, which means you can go back to the curriculum and learnings after you have taken the online wig courses.

Can I Download The Course Curriculum?

Your can login and access any of the online wig courses that you have purchased, however they have not bee make available for download. The reason for this is because, it would mean some people might be able to potentially plagiarise the  learning’s or pass on to people who haven’t paid. This is something that we feel would not be fair for those who have invested in the wig courses.

What Coloring Techniques Are Taught On The Online Wig Coloring Course ?

The online wig color course techniques a vast array of techniques, including babylighting, balayage, ombre and one colour applications.

Where Can I Source The Supplies For The Online Wigmaking Courses ?

On The Teachable platform where you buy the courses, we suggest places where you can source product for the online courses. Of course, if you are wanting more help, you can email: contact@missmamawigs.com.

Do I Need A License Card To Buy Professional Hair Colouring Products?

You can buy professional hair dyes without licensing cards. However, you are not allowed to use the knowledge learnt in the courses on peoples actual hair. The wig coloring course is similar to watching youtube videos, but it’s taught by a professionally trained colourist. You are not a professionally trained hair colourist from just this course. 

What Colour Brands Are Used In The Coloring Course?

We used a range of brands during the filming of the online lace wig coloring course. Brands include Wella, Adore, Matrix, Schwarzkopf and many more ! For the online wig colouring course we have tried to choose brands that are easily accessible to non professionals. A lot of these brands are actually sold to the general public at local hair shops or online via wholesalers. 

What Is Included In The £349 Lace Wig Making Course Full Kit?

We provide a full kit to anyone who buys the £349 online lace wigmaking course which we ship to you. The kit includes the following: frontal, hair, wig caps, canvas block head, needle and thread, pins, fabric pen, elastic band and much more!

How Much Is The Kit Worth For The Online Lace Wigmaking Course?

We provide a full kit to anyone who buys the £349 online lace wigmaking course and it’s worth nearly £150! The hair included is 100% Brazilian human hair of the highest quality which you can sell to any client.

What Does The £49 Hair Business Course Involve ?

The £49 online hair business course focuses on strategies that will help anyone wanting to start a wig brand succeed. Starting an online hair business can be scary but in our course we eliminate fear by getting you set up to flourish through sharing key skills that you can implement yourself .

Is the online starting a hair business course self paced ?

Correct. Like all of our online hair wig courses, you learn and study in your own time.

Do you share supplier information in the online hair wig business course?

We are aware people are unsure of how to source product when starting an online hair business, so we therefore share all this information with you.

Does the online hair wig business course only focus on wigs ?

Yes we only take about how to start a online hair wig business and the strategies to succeed in thei business however, a lot of the techniques and secrets we share are transferrable to other industries.

Do I need sales and marketing experience to take the online hair wig business £49 course?

Nope. just enthusiasm and a positive mindset 🙂

I already use BTC ( Behind The Chair) for hair colouring education, should I invest in the Wig Colouring Formulas Course ?

BTC isn’t really aimed at wig colouring, therefore, you will read a lot of formulas and will instantly be confused. The Wig Colouring Manual has been designed solely with wig colourists in mind, therefore, it is definitely worth investing if you want specific, and easy to follow hair colouring formulas for wigs.

How Long is the Wig Colouring Formulas Course ?

The Course is lengthy and will really elevate your colouring skills. You can easily view online, but it’s maybe worth printing out the formulas and binding together in a booklet so you have the hair formulas to hand when colouring your custom colour wigs for your customers

Do I need to be an experience hair colourist to take the Hair Wig Colouring Formulas Course

 Nope, but you may want to invest in the online wig colouring course just in case you want extra information on how to do certain techniques like balayage, highlighting etc.

If you need any further help regarding our online wig courses including the online lace wigmaking course, wig colouring course and the full guide to wig course, please contact us.