How to wear your wig

Lace front wigs are the most realistic on the market. You are able to feel confident that no one will think you are wearing a wig because of the way the transparent lace hairline blends into the scalp. It will appear as if the hair is growing out of your scalp.. amazing right and especially if you’ve been use to wearing wigs that have unmoveable partings and feel like your are wearing a helmet!

When the wig arrives, you will be able to wear it without the help of adhesives, tapes or sewn in elastic bands. However, if you find that the combs inside or adjustable straps included are not secure enough for you, please watch the below videos to help you lay the wig down.

Laying down a thin material like lace gives you the ultimate flawless hairline look…. once you try it once, you’ll probably be tempted to keep trying. Even your friends and family will be blown away by how realistic the wig looks… especially the hairline!

To get you started some helpful videos have been added to help you install the wig.

How to cut lace on a frontal wig

Top Tip: Don’t forget that you may need to trim around the ears! 

How to use GOT2B glued hairspray

Top tip: Make sure you are cleaning the inside of the lace so product build up doesn’t happen. Use warn water and a make up pat away residue. Using some rubbing alcohol such as HAZ that’s no more than 70-80 % will be useful. Also, when using this product, be sure to wait for it to get tacky before attempting to place the wig in place.

Using lace wig glue

Top tip: good old Amazon is a good place to find these wig glues. Ghost bond, Bold Hold and Mrs Hair are ones we’ve used in the past. Try and select a glue that comes with a remover.

Sewing in an elastic band

Using lace wig tape

Top tip: good old Amazon is a good place to find tape. A recommended and popular brand would be Walker.

Using a wig grip

Top tip: good old Amazon is a good place to find these wig grips. Go for the best reviewed product 🙂

These videos will help you a lot. We’ve used Youtube because these creators are the best for tutorials and we use their methods! They are tried and tested, and that’s why we’ve recommended them. If at all you need further help, just email